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Caterpillar excavators Menzi Master

A caterpillar excavator like the one that only Menzi Muck can offer: a 14-ton excavator with chassis on chains and 157 HP that leaves behind all the above. This world novelty works with a telescopic arm and a special wide-angle kinematics: a combination that makes the impossible finally possible. This excavator is ideal as an equipment carrier that requires great power and for drivers who until now had to settle for less. The caterpillar excavator with short backside is qualified for jobs where the reduced pressure on the ground and the scarce space relations require a leading concept in the market.

The M510

  • Tracked frame with fixed wheelbase of 2590 mm.
  • Machine weight without tools 13800 kg.
  • Lift capacity 97%.
  • Pressure on the ground 0.41 kg / cm2.

The M515

  • Tracked frame with variable wheel distance of 2500-3500 mm.
  • Machine weight without tools 14500 kg.
  • Upward mobility 94%.
  • Ground pressure 0.35 kg / cm2.