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Compact Class

Compact and agile, these are the most remarkable features of the Compact Class pavers. That is why VÖGELE compact pavers are especially suitable for carrying out small to middle construction works when there is little space. Among these projects, we have the new construction and rehabilitation of combinations of pedestrian ways and bikes rails, urban roads, pedestrian ways as well as small and middle size squares.

Model Weight Basic Width Pave Width Laydown Rate
SUPER 1100 10,2 tonnes 1,8 m 3,9 m 270 tonnes/h
SUPER 1103 10 tonnes 1,8 m 3,9 m 230 tonnes/h
SUPER 1300-3 10,6 tonnes 1,85 m 5 m 350 tonnes/h
SUPER 1303-3 10,2 tonnes 1,85 m 4,5 m 300 tonnes/h

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