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Asphalt production

Asphalt production: the secret is in the mixing

A thermal mixing process is required in order to produce aggregated asphalt and bitumen for the road construction and an asphalt mixing plant is essential here. Either mobile, transportable or stationary, every mixture is a winner with customized solutions by BENNINGHOVEN, the specialist in asphalt mixing plants.



Production process

On a normal basis, we establish two kinds of processes in the asphalt production: continuous or non-continuous production.

Continuous production                                                                                           

In the continuous production, there is no interruption in the mixing process. The individual components are continuously added to the mixing process. This process is particularly suitable for big construction projects requiring an invariable aggregate or recipe.

Non-continuous production

In Europe, the batch production process is the largest one in the asphalt production.

Whereas mobile and semi-mobile plants are commonly used in areas with a less developed infrastructure, the high-performance s stationary plants are usually popular in the urban centres. BENNINGHOVEN offers flexible solutions for a reliable and economic use and every BENNINGHOVEN plant is suitable to produce compacted asphalt with rollers and filler.


Stationary Asphalt Mixing Plants

Of high performance, the stationary plants are more commonly used in the urban centres. Generally, they are located in an easy access place which permits the delivery to an area as big as possible, by keeping the delivery routes to the short constructions sites. For example, they are found near to highways exits or in industrial parks of big cities. Some stationary asphaltic mixing plants are directly located in places with mineral deposits such as quarries with the purpose of minimizing the delivery cost of mineral aggregates. This kind of plant requires a concrete base.

Transportable asphaltic mixing facilities

The transportable or semi-mobile plants are suitable for work sites which will only function during a specific period of time. Usually, they are acquired with the option of moving the plant to a different place if necessary. This kind of plant may be equipped with a foundation of fixed concrete or a mobile steel base.

Transportable asphalt mixing plants in container design

The BENNINGHOVEN asphalt mixing plant in the design of ECO container may be used as a stationary plant, but it may be also easily moved to a new location. The production in standardized ISO sizes eases the transportation and reduces the assembling times.

Mobile road asphaltic mixers

The road-mobile plants are suitable for workplaces which will only operate during a specific period of time. This plant is moved along with the mobile works of a work section to the next one. In the assembling site, the mobile-road asphaltic mixing plant only needs a space to which a truck can have access to its foundation.


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