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TURBOSOL is a leading manufacturer of machines and systems for pumping and spraying mortar, cementitious mixes and concrete.
Its new plant is located near Treviso, in Italy’s north-east, a geographic area with a high concentration of manufacturing companies strongly dedicated to innovation and working for the global market. TURBOSOL is one of these dynamic companies that in 60 years has made its products appreciated the world over.
The range of TURBOSOL pumping and spraying machines and systems is one of the most complete in the world and covers almost all construction site requirements: from civil construction through the concrete sector reaching the complex underground jobsites.
TURBOSOL machines come to life basing on the direct experience developed in the building sites  all over the world. In order to grant to the customers the top in terms of quality,  working life and efficiency, each new product is tested in the building site before starting its production in series.

Turbosol Concrete Pump TB50T
TB 50T



For more information, please visit turbosol.com