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About Us


Resansil has been present supporting these activities in Latin America since over 20 years ago, through its offices in: Venezuela, Central America (Costa Rica, Guatemala, El Salvador, Panamá), Caribbean (Dominican Republic, Puerto Rico) and a logistic center in Miami-Florida (U.S.A) for Central America and the Caribbean.


Develop, maintain and protect the infrastructure of Venezuela, Central America and the Caribbean, through the exclusive representation of equipment and products of the highest quality and technological vanguard for construction and maintenance of infrastructure of  roads, ports, airports, industries, hydraulic works, urbanism and dwelling, nationally, regionally and municipally, respecting the human being and the environment.


Leading Company in the representation of Equipment and Product, contributing to the sustainable development of the Region, through professional services in Application Engineering, which help to significantly improve the safety, quality and longevity of infrastructures throughout Latin America and the Caribbean.

Key objectives

Sale of new and used equipment through a specialized sales force and the presence on the Internet. The sales work is supported by added values such as:

Differentiated post sale service

  • Product and service guarantee
  • Preventive and corrective maintenance services
    • Directly in the Work
    • In the repair center
  • Training courses for Operators and Technicians
  • Training courses for Engineers: Quality Control, application of our technologies in general

Application Engineering

  • Seminars and working groups on Application Engineering
  • Project advice
  • Direct assistance in works
  • Advice regarding applications with our recommendations
  • Quality Control