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Since 1970 The Cimline Pavement Maintenance Group has focused on bringing innovative solutions to the Pavement Maintenance Industry. With a drive for performance and innovation, CPMG Continues to offer cutting edge technology. For the maintenance of pavements, Cimline offers machinery for sealing cracks; Asphalt sealant melters / applicators, modern high efficiency equipment for hot sealing of cracks and joints.

Spray Injection process

How many times have you had a pothole that needed to be filled multiple times in one season? Fix it once and do it right the first time with the DuraPatcher system. Spray Injection Patching has proven to be the most cost effective and longest lasting process for repair of potholes in today’s pavement.

  • Cut material costs in half
  • Fix and forget Potholes – REDUCE REPEAT REPAIRS
  • More repairs in a day with less labor

The 4-step process:

  1. Clean the repair area with compressed air. No need for removal of large stones or cutting our old asphalt.
  2. Prep the area and seal it by coating it with a light coat of Emulsion. This helps bond the old surface to the new.
  3. Fill the area with new emulsion coated aggregate. Patch is filled from the bottom up. The Aggregate is injected into the area and compacted at the same time. Further compaction is not required.
  4. Cover the finished repair area with either a fresh coat of aggregate or the CPMG “PatchKote” solution to ready the repair for traffic.


Durapatcher P2

The DuraPatcher Trailer mount is the best selling patcher in the industry. Simple to use and High performing. See the general guidelines below to match your Requirements:


  1. You already have dump trucks in your fleet.
  2. Your work consists of city county work and have few Height clearance issues
  3. Your budget will not permit a dedicated vehicle.
  4. Productivity is important due to high volume of patches.


Durapatcher P3 Truck Mount

The DuraPatcher Truck mount is the solution for ready to work patching. Simple to use and High performing. See the general guidelines below to match your Requirements:


  1. Your work area many times has tight turning radiuses or height clearance issues
  2. Your budget allows for a dedicated vehicle or you have a used chassis that meets requirements
  3. Productivity is important due to high volume of patches


Crack sealing process

Crack sealing is the first line of Attack in a pavement maintenance program. Done properly it can add 5-7 years or more to a pavement’s lifecycle. Studies indicate that the longest lasting method is performed in 3 steps:

  1. Prep the Crack with either a router or random crack saw. This opens up the crack, creates a reservoir and preps the edge for better bonding. Rout or Saw? The most common approach is Saw Concrete, Rout Asphalt
  2. Clean the crack with dry, clean compressed air or for the best results, use a Heat lance. A heatlance removes not only dirt but moisture and vegetation. The heat lance also heats the old surface which helps in bonding with the new sealant. THE CLEANING PROCESS IS THE MOST IMPORTANT PART OF THE PROCESS
  3. Seal the crack with a quality Polymer modified brand name rubberized hot-pour sealant. Hot-pour sealant is proven to last up to 10 times longer the cold applied products in flexible pavements


C1 On-Demand Combination Machine

The C1 Mastic Machine is a specialty piece of equipment that’s a combination crack seal and mastic patch machine, designed to heat 24,000-lb of mastic material in an 8-hour shift.

  • Lowest load height and largest loading door in class
  • Stress free boom with center pivot
  • Weather proof simple seal controller
  • Performance sealant tank design
  • Standard heated wand or optional aluminum wand
  • Up to 24,000 lbs. of patching material per 8-hour shift
  • Side discharge chute for ease of center line repairs
  • Pivoting and heated trough for ease of placement
  • Use locally sourced aggregate in patent pending mixing system
  • Onboard tool heater with standard box screed and iron


Emulsion storage process

Emulsion Storage and Application: Convenient access to properly emulsion is critical to any patching or Chip seal program. Become self-sufficient in your maintenance programs by storing emulsion at your location. Saves countless trips to the asphalt plant and improve your crew’s productivity. Don’t let the weather rule your process by extending your patching season.


K Series Tack Kettle

Cimline puts the latest technology to work with a new Tack Kettle for high performance and reliable heating and application of bituminous emulsions and tack coats. This compact unit employs a unique S-shaped single flue design that offers even, energy-efficient heating. This allows our 40 lb. propane tank to last twice as long as units with the same tank size and ensure all day operation. Operator features include a 36″ x 32″ maintenance hatch for easy clean-out, 50-feet of retractable hose, a lightweight spray wand and large solvent/fl ush box. This easy-to-use kettle rides on a torsion axle with electric brakes for long term, low-maintenance operation. You know Cimline’s leading cracksealing melter/applicator advantages for municipalities and contractors. Now discover how new technology makes better Tack Kettles for everyday operation.

  • Fuel Saving Single Flue Design
  • Large Maintenance Hatch
  • Pump or Gravity Feed
  • 250 and 500 Gallon Models
  • Optional Spray Bar Simply unbolt and remove large maintenance hatch for easy access.


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