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Asphalt Compaction


The oscillation system developed by Hamm is not based upon complicated mechanisms of mechanical rules but it only uses an intelligent manner the physical laws. Depending on the rigidity of the underground material, the amplitude value is automatically adapted. This means that the amplitude is continuously reduced in accordance with the increasing rigidity of the soil. As the amplitude decreases, therefore, the performance transferred to the soil increases.

Characteristics of HAMM compaction technology:

  • Optimal compaction characteristic

This innovative technology permits that Hamm oscillating rollers practically in an immediate form –in 10 milliseconds- adapt themselves to the exchanged soil conditions. This corresponds to a distance covered by the roller of only about 1 cm. Through the static charge of continuous work and of the dynamic tensions of changing shearing over the material, a better, faster and more careful compaction takes place.

  • Oscillation in every workplace

In every place of bitumen work, from the smallest surface, the parking lots of some floors up to the highways, the oscillation shows its performance and clear advantages. The oscillating movement in combination with the permanent static charge of the drum guarantees a fast increase of compaction accompanied with a very homogeneous compaction and good surface roughness. Thus, the secondary base remains preserved.

  • Bridge Compaction

The oscillating rollers are particularly demanded for bridges. They permit a high compaction performance and do not produce harmful vibrations. Just in such buildings, the bitumen gets cold more rapidly due to the sea breeze. This is not a problem for the oscillation since with oscillation is likely to work, even with lower bitumen temperatures.

  • Good compaction in articulations

In the joint between two conductive rails: with the renewal of a rail, the oscillation avoids a damage in the other one which is finished, that is to say, compacted and cooled in the roadway. Also, the cross trips are easily possible; there is no danger at any moment for the road surface.

  •  Higher flexibility with asphalt temperature

The compaction works are only possible within a certain range of temperature, depending on type of bitumen used. As of a certain temperature, the vibration cannot be used any longer; then it develops tear or any other damage. With oscillation, the temperature margin is extended about 20%, that is to say, the oscillating roller may go on working and thus it assures a higher flexibility in the work site.

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