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The mobile MBRG granulator softly separates the recovered asphalt in its individual components without destructing the grain original structure. In combining with an asphalt mixing plant, this creates new traffic roads which include more than 90% of “old road surfaces”.

The recycling technologies are tapping into the whole world. This is mainly since the earth resources are limited and therefore, costs may be reduced.

In the road construction, in particular, the advantages are clear: When the roads are renewed and improved, the cold milling machines remove the asphalt base layers or they are broken. This raw material is also known as “black gold”. This is protected by BENNINGHIOVEN recycling technologies, in particular, the MBRG 2000 granulator. The mobile plant separates the asphalt up to the tile size of 1.8 length meters in its individual components without destroying the grain original structure. Such soft crushing technology is the perfect pre-condition for almost 100% recovered asphalt re-utilization.

Another meaningful benefit of this technology is the substantially reduced generation of dust and fine particles which is an outstanding advantage that avoids, as much as possible, the obstruction of the transportation roads and the parallel drum. This assures that the parallel drum efficiency is not seriously deteriorated this avoiding its decomposition due to fine particles.


  • Use of endless resources
  • Minimal emissions of dust and noise
  • Content of minimal fines
  • Prevent the blockage of the transportation roads and the parallel drum as much as possible in the asphalt mixing plant
  • Wear minimal expenses


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