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For this kind of application, BENNINGHOVEN offers technologies for all the processes which range from the manufacturing up to the maintenance without forgetting transportation.

In this regard, it is undoubtedly remarkable the GLK Silent. BENNINGHOVEN novelty permits, for example, to work in not working hours, especially during the night or in sensible areas such as the pedestrian or residential zones or in hospitals. With the direct electrical operation, disturbing noise emissions are no longer generated.

Horizontal transportation boiler – GKL

GKL mixers with horizontal mixing axle and hydraulic and electrical operation, are perfectly designed for the standardization and optimal mixture during transportation. With load capacities of 5, 7.5 and 10 m3 equivalent to a capacity of 12.18 or 24 m3 of mastic asphalt with a density of 2.4 kg/m3.

The compact unit is ideal for mobile and stationary applications. There is also a great variety of possible configurations (truck/tow/fifth wheel/hook). The highest quality products and the components with no maintenance guarantee an excellent protection against wear.

The mixers optimized for the weight are equipped with a totally automatic gas or oil combustion. The variable operation controlled by volume minimizes the wear and helps to reduce the resources consumption. The temperature continuous monitoring also guarantees a consistently good quality of the asphaltic mixture. Combustion gas sensors are installed for protecting the surrounding areas.

Vertical transportation boiler – GKS

GKL mixers with vertical mixing axle are perfectly designed for the standardization and optimal mixture during transportation. The mixer small design means that you may easily access to the difficult areas to be reached from where you are. With load capacities of 3.5, 5 and 5.5 m3 of mastic asphalt with a density of 2.4 Kg/m3.

Small boiler –  Dumper

DU 500 type Dumper with direct hydraulic stirrer operation and tilting mechanism. Because of the rear steering design, the chassis is quite manageable. The machine is equipped with a particles filter which is ideal for limited access applications such parking lot coverings inside buildings or other construction zones with accessing troubles. The shifter is available in hydrostatic or manual type. The boiler tap is provided in a screwed version and may be lifted in only one piece for permitting the easy access for maintenance works.


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