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The MBA type mobile asphalt mixing plants under the capacity class from 100 to 240 t/h have low assembly and disassembly times, suitable for sites with limited terms and for regions with no a great availability of plants.

They are just mounted on steel mobile foundations and they are transported to the construction sector along with the mobile construction site. This allows that BENNINGHOVEN mobile mixing plants may be installed near the construction site, thus providing a constantly high asphalt quality.

Thanks to the intelligent concept, the constructions sites may be managed with flexibility and efficiency.

Model / type Mixing performance (T/h) Mixer (T) Sifting Aggregate Silo Drum dryer Burner power (kW)
MBA 1250 100 1,25 4 selections 14 t MT 7.18 K 11,9
MBA 2000 160 2,00 5 selections 30 t MT 8.22 K 11,9
MBA 3000 240 3,00 5 selections 30 t MT 9.23 K 19


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