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TBA type Benninghoven mixing plant complies with the performance ranges 160-320 t/h and it is suitable for semi-mobile and stationary use.

The design of the main components in the container design with push-in wiring permits ideal transportation options and reduced configuration times for the modular system. There is also a special approach in the high proportion of the aggregated recycling material over 70%.

Other important features such as high flexibility level, the available options and the continuing adapting options of the components become TBA in an amazing all-terrain.

Model/type Mixing performance (T/h) Mixer (T) Sifting Aggregate Silo Drum dryer Burner power (MW)
TBA 2000 160 2.0 t 6 selections 80 t TT 8.22 11,90
TBA 3000 240 3.0 t 6 selections 80 t TT 9.23 19,00
TBA 4000 320 4.0 t 6 selections 80 t TT 11.26 23,70


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