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BB 250


Broce Broom offers the BB-250 a drag broom that allows full contact on the road surface without the need for manual adjustments. The brush, as standard configuration, has hydraulic floatation, in addition to downward pressure for extra heavy sweeping.

The standard equipment in all units

  • Orange safety paint.
  • 8` Stell core with 6 3/8 “x24” flat poly wafers.
  • Electric over hydraulic brush lock.
  • Roll-over protection structure Certificate and canopy ISO 3471 Complaint.
  • Safety Belts ISO 6683 Complaint.
  • Power steering.
  • 2 wheels, hydraulic drum brakes with manual parking brake.
  • 16-gauge core cover.
  • 72-gallon water spray system.
  • 2 “tow ball hitch with inertial brakes and trailer lights hooked on the hydraulic trailer.
  • Gauge package includes oil, water, alternator, fuel and hour meter.
  • P185 / 70R14 “radial tires.
  • Drive wheel – hydraulic motors.
  • A single direct drive motor in the brush transmission.
  • Broom controls – Two-reel joystick valve with adjustable downward pressure and float position.
  • Steering – direction of type of orbital w / dead steering capabilities.
  • Padded seat with arm RST and safety belt.
  • Reverse alarm.