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With the aim of expanding the range of SIMEM solutions within the prefabrication factories, SIMEM decided to invest in SCHIASLO SPIL, a company specializing in automatic Precast systems, acquiring an important part of it.

With more than 50 years of experience, SCHIASLO SPIL has accumulated an important database of equipment and machinery, including some standard models for the most popular products:

  • Cretebeam, a casting machine for concrete beams.
  • Brickbeam, a compact process line for the production of brick-cement lintels and brick-cement lattice girders reinforced with loose bars.
  • Gripbeam, for the production of traditional brick-cement beams, reinforced by a trapped lattice beam.
  • Elephant Linteler, for the production of prestressed lintels and prestressed brick-cement lintels.

The combination of the SIMEM articulated concrete mixing and mixing program with the design and supply of distribution and forming equipment, as in the mission of SCHIASLO SPIL Company, will make it possible to offer turnkey solutions for any foundry process of industrialized concrete elements.

Simem also offers a complete range of solutions for the distribution of concrete, fully automated:

  • Bridge, portal and semi portal distributors.
  • Mobile hoppers with bottom discharge.
  • Flying buckets with bottom discharge or discharge by rotation.
  • Automatic carousel systems with integrated curing.