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Binding agent spreaders


WIRTGEN’s experienced system partner Streumaster has developed various binding agent spreaders for exclusive use with WIRTGEN soil stabilizers and cold recyclers. These units have been precisely adapted to the specific requirements of the WIRTGEN machines.

Spreading large quantities of binding agents while adhering to the specified accuracy at the same time is of paramount importance in both soil stabilization and cold recycling. The sophisticated binding agent spreaders from Streumaster meet these requirements with superior ease. In addition, our comprehensive product portfolio takes due account of both different performance requirements and the availability of tractor vehicles. The binding agent spreaders from Streumaster are therefore on offer in various model designs: as attachment units, trailers, built-up units for mounting on a carrier vehicle, or self-propelled spreading machines. And what’s more: Combining Streumaster binding agent spreaders with the tried and tested WIRTGEN stabilizers and recyclers offers a complete solution for soil stabilization and cold recycling.

Model Max. working width Container capacity Own weight
SW 3 FC 2.460 mm 3 m³ 1.250 kg
SW 10 TA 2.500 mm 10 m³ 4.800 kg
SW 16 TA 2.500 mm 16 m³ 6.600 kg
SW 10 TC 2.460 mm 10 m³ 5.000 kg
SW 16 TC 2.460 mm 16 m³ 6.800 kg
SW 12 MA 2.500 mm 12 m³ 4.000 kg
SW 16 MA 2.500 mm 16 m³ 4.500 kg
SW 12 MC 2.460 mm 12 m³ 4.200 kg
SW 16 MC 2.460 mm 16 m³ 4.700 kg
SW 18 MC 2.360 mm 18 m³ 4.800 kg
SW 18 SC 2.360 mm 18 m³ 20.700 kg
SW 20 MC 2.460 mm 20 m³ 5.200 kg


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