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Many steps open the road

The first person in the pavement equipment is, however, the truck driver who fills the asphalt in the paving machine hopper. Two mutually independent conveyors transport the material from the machine to the back side, where it is evenly shared between the paving machine and the ruler by means of two rotating screws conveyors which are separately controlled. When paving a standard mixture, the temperature must be always kept over 1000 C to assure a sufficient compaction time.

Mixture and work logistics supply

The hot mixture must be covered when is supplied by loading the trucks and being sure that the pavement operation is carried out in the most suitable period. To guarantee a continuous pavement, the asphalt mixing plant capacity always must be over the stacking capacity of the paving machine. If the paver stops moving due to lack of material, disruptive side joints are produced as a result of the paved layer cooling. When the standard mixture is paved, the pavement temperature must be higher than 1100 C to permit, as much as possible, a longer period for compaction.

Pavement with paving machine

All the paving units must be heated before starting the paving operation for avoiding that the mixture sticks to sensible parts of the machine. In the modern pavers, the compaction systems on the ruler may be separately activated. Particularly, the high compaction plates reach an excellent compaction. As a result, the rollers at the back side of the spreader demand less passes in order to reach the specified compaction final grade.


The wide variety of VÖGELE products, which comprises 17 tractor machines, 19 types of rulers, 2 feeders and various special machines is a milestone in the paving industry. Whether for service parallel roads or highways, airports or racing tracks, new or rehabilitated constructions, thick or fine layers, spread in hot or in cold; for every road construction work, the clients find out the right machine in our spreaders program. The classification of VÖGELE products sets the ground for being rapidly targeted in this wide offer. Mini Class, Compact Class, Universal Class, Highway Class and Special Class are the names of the five kinds of pavers. With VÖGELE classification scheme we offer the highest possible transparency and clearness. In this way, you may be sure that you will overcome all the challenges in the road construction by providing you with the optimal paver.

“Dash 3” pavers

The development of “Dash 3” generation mainly targeted to find out an offer of a technique of ultramodern and profitable pavers which, at the same time, may give a great contribution to the environment. With “VÖGELE Eco plus”, the machines have low consumption, they are clean and silent. Those “Dash 3” features and other ones, become “Dash 3” generation in the most modern and innovative pavers with the best control concept in the market.


Highlights of “Dash 3” pavers

“VÖGELE Eco Plus” ecological equipment:

  • Permits to meaningfully reduce the fuel consumption and noise emission.
  • Temporary release of the hydraulic pumps which are not needed when the machine is stopped.
  • Variable speed fan that makes possible to refrigerate according to the needs.
  • Monitored hydraulic oil temperature circuit for rapidly reaching the optimal service temperature.

Automatic Development with “AutoSet Plus”:

  • Selection of Individual paving programs.
  • Memorization of all the relevant parameters for paving.
  • Automatic work displacement preparation with just touching a key.
  • No adjustment is lost between the work paving and displacement.
  • The spreading auger and the deflectors located in front of the train do not suffer any damage.

Assured mixture transfer with “PaveDock Assistant” and “PaveDock”

  • “PaveDock Assistant” function eases a clear and direct communication between the Paver´s and Truck´s Drivers.
  • The “PaveDock” push roller with elastic suspension efficiently avoids the shocks transmission of the mixture truck to the paver during the coupling.
  • The combination of the “PaveDock” push roller and the function of the “PaveDock Assistant” maximizes the process safety during the mixture transfer: a sensor in the push roller informs when the truck is coupled to the paver.

Very reduced turning radius with “Pivot Steer”

  • The steering break “Pivot Steer” reduces the torque of the rear internal wheel in the pavers on “Dash 3” wheels.
  • Meaningful reduction of the external turning radius because the machines turn around without practically moving to another site
  • For a clearly improved maneuverability of the machine in small works

ErgoBasic and ErgoPlus 3 control concepts

  • Ergo Basic is based upon the recognized ErgoPlus system but it is adapted to the functions of our mini-pavers
  • Includes the driver´s control console and for each side of the ruler there is a remote control for same as well as a remote control for the levelling remote control of our mini-pavers, the Niveltronic Basic
  • The indications about functions and conditions may be read through LED diode strips. The types of thekis symbols switches have been consequently assumed from the ErgoPlus system
  • All of that makes that VÖGELE be the solely manufacturer that offers a standardized control concept for any kind of paver
  • Driver´s ErgoPlus 3 control console has a special big color screen that makes possible a brilliant legibility even under low favorable lighting conditions

The characteristics of the extendable rulers AB 500 and AB 600

  • The tamper geometry finds out a flatter adjustment angle. Therefore, it is likely to reach a higher application period as well as a better compaction and superficial regularity.
  • Improved access to the ruler thanks to the low constructive form of the rulers and another foldable external access. All the external accesses may be seen from top side.
  • Covers, walkways and access are mounted on rubber in AB 500 and AB 600. This reduces the annoying noises emissions.
  • The pre-heating time of the ruler´s heater has been considerably reduced. Thanks to the homogeneous heating of the screed plates as well as of the tamper and pressure slacks, it is feasible the paving of a completely homogeneous rolling surface.
  • Adjustment of the hydraulic cross drop profile through the fast and accurate adjustment in the ErgoPlus 3 control console of the ruler.


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