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Caterpillar dumper Menzi Muck

In the compact class, the Menzi Max caterpillar dumper program covers four basic machines. Different superstructures, frames and engine variants can be supplied. The machines meet the high demands of professional use and have proven their worth in practice for some time. The Menzi caterpillar dumpers are characterized by their robust design and powerful propulsion mechanisms. The fully hydrostatic drives guarantee a virtually wear-free operation. In addition, they are extremely easy to operate.

Menzi Max 5vk

Trilateral tipper payload 500kg

Menzi Max 7vkd

Forklift forward payload 700kg


Menzi Max 7rk

Trilateral dump truck payload 700kg

Menzi Max 10dk

Trilateral tipper payload 1000kg

Menzi Max 10rk

Round box dump truck 100kg payload


Menzi Max 15rk

Round box dump load 1500kg

Menzi Max 15dk

Trilateral dump truck 1500kg payload

Menzi Max 30rk

Round box dump truck payload 3000kg

Menzi Max 30vk

Backpack load 3000kg