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Hot recyclers

Las recicladoras en caliente se utilizan para rehabilitar capas superiores en un tiempo muy breve. Este procedimiento se puede aplicar en todas las carreteras de asfalto, desde las calzadas urbanas hasta las autopistas.

Remixer RX 4500

Sophisticated hot recycling machinery

Hot recyclers are eminently suitable for rehabilitating surface courses within extremely short periods of time. The method is suitable for use with all asphalt pavements, whether motorway or urban road. We have set standards with our highly specialized machines. Rely on renowned products that have proven their quality and efficiency worldwide.

Remixer RX 4500

  • Hot recycling machine with a continuously adjustable working width between 3.00 m and 4.50 m for the large-scale rehabilitation of bituminous bound road surfaces in a single operation.
  • Powerful, individually connectable infrared heaters heat the asphalt concrete gently and evenly.
  • In the Remix method, the twin-shaft pugmill mixer achieves consistent and homogeneous mixing results after the surface has been scarified with a microprocessor-controlled addition of binding agents and mixed material.
  • In the Remix Plus method, an additional surface layer is added on top of the mixing result in a “hot-in-hot” application in one single operation.
  • The tried and tested VÖGELE paving screed with a tamping and vibrating unit achieves optimum pre-compaction results in regard to the recycled road surface.
Model RX 4500
Working width 3.000 mm – 4.500 mm
Working depth 0 mm – 60 mm
Heating power max. 1,445 kW
Engine power 240 kW / 326 PS
Emission standards EU Stage IIIa / US EPA Tier 3
Operating weight, CE * 47,900 kg


Panel heating machine HM 4500

Efficient heating of asphalt surfaces

  • With a maximum heating width of 4.50 m, the self-propelled heating machine is ideal for use in combination with the Remixer 4500.
  • Powerful, infrared heaters, which can be variably adjusted to the working width, heat the asphalt concrete gently and evenly.
  • The heating power of the infrared heaters can be precisely adjusted using the centrally positioned gas regulation station.
  • The hydraulic, smooth-running all-wheel steering allows for optimum manoeuvrability and mobility.
  • Intelligent folding mechanisms with hydraulically driven rope winches enable the machine to quickly move into its operating or transport position.
Model HM 4500
Heating width max. 4,500 mm
Radiators infrared
Heating power max. 2,260 kW
Gas tank capacity 6,000 l
Engine power 75 kW / 102 PS
Emission standards EU Stage IIIa / US EPA Tier 3
Operating weight, CE * 19,700 kg


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