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Seminario Internacional CIERRE DE MINAS Desarrollo Sustentable

Seminario Internacional CIERRE DE MINAS Desarrollo Sustentable

Universidad Tecnológica del Cibao Oriental UTECO, Dominican Republic, October 25 to 28.

With the purpose of strengthening the engineering curriculum in Geology, for which it has opened a program of alliances with international academic centers and to carry out programs of specialized chairs of the geological-mining sector, as well as to explore alliances with international organizations to maintain an oversight of mining projects and their economic-social and environmental impacts, promoting all aspects of responsible mining, UTECO, held an international seminar.

CLOSING OF MINES in this edition has proposed to present the legal, technical and environmental frameworks prevailing at the moment at international level, the vision of international organizations and existing regulations in countries with a mining tradition, such as CANADA, UNITED STATES, MEXICO, CHILE AND PERU among others, present the latest mining technological advances applied in the MINE CLOSURE plans, and provide effective solutions for its application to the mining model in the Dominican Republic. In addition, it seeks to reinforce the message of mining is not only the mobilization of capital and machinery, but it drives progress, since it has an integrating power that engages other productive activities and services, adding value and creating decent employment.

For this international seminar we have presentations on various topics related to the subject and exposed by professionals in the sector:

  • Renewable Energies – Ing. Cesar Fondeur Medina (Greenwood Energy, Dominican Republic)
  • AMCO Instruments Mining – Andres Martinez, MBA, (Amco Instruments, Dominican Republic)
  • Technology in machinery for Mine Closure – Jose Luis Matallana (Resansil, Dominican Republic)
  • Need for guidelines for Mine Closure – Mike O’Kane (Pres. O’Kane Consultant, Inc., Canada)
  • Mine Closure Practices and Experiences Peru – Percy Montoya Vargas, Smart Acces Peru)
  • Cátedra Ciclo Mining – Juan Graciano (UTECO, Magister in Computational Technology for Education 2003, Dominican Republic)
  • Closure of mining works and facilities – Ana Luisa Morales (Project Manager, Chile)
  • Environmental standards and law 64-00 – Rafael Osiris de Leon (Consultant, Dominican Republic)
  • Mining and the objectives of Sustainable Development – Rafael A. Acosta T. (Supervising Director of the Mining Department, Dominican Republic)
  • Hydrographic Basins – Santiago José Muñoz Tapia. PhD (Director of the National Geological Service, Dominican Republic)
  • Evaluation and Hydrogeological Methodology – Iñaki Vadillo Perez (Hydrogeology Group University of Málaga, Spain)



Stand description and exhibitors

Universidad Tecnológica del Cibao Oriental UTECO, Dominican Republic, October 25-28

The seminar was held in the “Los Bambú” area of ​​the university, for this occasion the entire area was covered with a general tent where the exhibitors located their stands. Our Stand had a space of 4 meters. x 3 meters Where two vertical panels were placed making a closed area in the shape of a corner. The panels were decorated with prints showing the general image of the WIRTGEN Group, several teams from the Kleemann and WIRTGEN brands and images representing after sales service. In addition, we included an LCD display with corporate videos of Resansil and WIRTGEN and several videos showing the teams in action. We also include tables where he allowed us to share information with visitors. We also present the catalogs, souvenirs and bottled water labeled with the name Resansil to offer visitors.

Outside the tent and just in the entrance to the seminar, we placed a Kleemann MS 19D machine owned by Asfalto del Cibao who collaborated with this team to have the display of the equipment we offer, together with her we placed a totem with the technical data of the machine.

Other Stands:

  • Abaco Industrial – (Hydraulics, Fluid connection)
  • Barrick Gold Village – Old (Gold Mining)
  • Falcon Bridge Dominicana – (Nickel Mining)
  • Amco Industries – (Quality control instruments)
  • Importadora Gutierrez – (bearings, belts and conveyors)